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Intro to the Team



Intro to the Team


Thanks for your interest in TFH Production.  Two of the core values of our church is, and has always been, worship and the word.  Our success over the years in TFH Production has been precipitated by very intentional practices, standards, and guidelines.  As our church grows to reach new communities through new campuses and services, it is vitally important that everyone continues to operate within the same set of standards and guidelines.

There was a human behavior study done where children were allowed to play in a playground with no fence surrounding it.  In this scenario, the children stayed very close to the playground.  In a second scenario, a fence was put around the playground.  In this scenario, the children explored the far reaches of the area that was bordered by the fence.

This is a great picture of why we need standards and guidelines.  These are not in place to try to limit our “freedom,” but rather to enable us to not have to worry about things like, “Am I dressed appropriately” or stress out about when to arrive to service or the like.  These standards will be consistent throughout all services and campuses of The Father’s House and TFH Production.

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read through this doc and familiarizing yourself with the basic standards and guidelines of TFH Production.  Your time, talent, and service in TFH Production is greatly appreciated.  We couldn’t do it without you.


Rudy Gonzalez, Robert Sullivan
& the Production Staff


Team Culture


Team Culture



We create a home where everyone is welcome to come and find expression to their worship. Because of that, we will make every effort to add to the culture of TFH.

WE take personal responsibility for creating a culture where:

  • WE are lovers of Jesus before the craft.

  • WE take responsibility for our growth in our technical & creative gifts.

  • WE are diligent stewards of the resource entrusted to our hands.

  • WE value and guard the unity within our team.

  • WE look out for each other, understanding we are not just team but family.

  • WE know our team on the platform by name and pre-empt their needs.

  • WE seek to understand the atmosphere where we serve.

  • WE are always prepared by knowing what’s required of us in our roles.

  • WE know how to respond under pressure.

  • WE are big picture focussed and able to think beyond our roles.

  • WE are committed to excellence, outworked through an excellent spirit.

  • WE are always looking for ways we “can” rather than reasons we “can’t”.

  • WE understand communication is more than just speaking and listening, but the spirit with which we do both.

  • WE are not bystanders when we see a problem, but are part of creating a solution.

  • WE understand we are not just here to serve, but to receive everything God would have for us.







The following list are REQUIREMENTS from every member of TFH Production.

Team Nights

All members of Production team must attend Team Nights.  Team Nights will happen on the second Tuesday of every month.  THESE ARE MANDATORY.  If a conflict should arise, please contact the office in advance to notify  Production Staff.

Committement to Serving

All team members must take an active role in balancing SERVING and LIFE in such a way that neither conflict negatively.  While there are times where serving is not possible, the requirement is that you upkeep your commitment to the schedule.

Weekend service attendence

All team members in TFH Production must attend at least one weekend service each week.  This should be a “no brainer.”  In order for us to be effective in the context of our local church, we must consistently attend the weekend services.  There are obvious exceptions to this one (vacation, family emergencies, etc.).  Please notify TFH Production staff in advance if you will not be attending one of the weekend services on a particular weekend.  Consistent non-participation in the weekend services of The Father’s House may result in loss of participation in TFH Production.


Attend all required rehearsals.  Rehearsal time is necessary to be adequately prepared for the weekend services.  Failure to attend a rehearsal night when required may result in a loss of participation in the subsequent weekend worship service.


The following are a list of “Expectations,” yet not requirements of being a part of TFH Production.  To really be a team player, that means we have the same heart, the same vision, the same “Cry,” and the same drive.  There are many ways that we go about doing that.  The following are some of these:

Corporate Prayer

Corporate Prayer. This truly is the most important meeting we have as a church.  Charles Spurgeon said, “The prayer meeting is the thermometer of the church.”  So, what’s our “Temperature?”  If TFH Production is largely uninvolved in the prayer meeting, then it could be inferred that it is also largely uninvolved in the main drive of the church.  Schedules can either prohibit or permit attendance here, so that’s obviously a “Grace” factor.

Conferences and Special Events

Attending Conferences/Special Events. The annual marriage, men’s, women’s, youth conference and other special worship events (nights of worship, guest speakers/leaders) are times for us as a team to go to the next level in what we do.  We have the wonderful privilege of hosting world-class ministries here at The Father’s House.  We, as TFH Production, need to be first in line to receive in these times.

Times of Fasting

Times of Fasting – Fasting is not a call to the spiritual elite.  It is an invitation to go to the next level in our personal walk as well as a church.  Focused times of fasting will be called as a church and as TFH Production in an effort to be as effective, anointed, and useful as can be.  Fasting is what prohibits us from getting caught in the rut of going through set lists, being un-anointed, and from burn-out.  These are not to be burdensome, but rather times of “Stepping up our game” as part of TFH Production.


For a snapshot of what it looks like to serve on our team, see the FAQs below.






Weekend Scheduling

Quarterly Schedule

TFH Production issues a quarterly schedule for all team members (Feb-Apr, May-July, Aug-Oct, Nov-Jan).  TFH Production Staff will send out the schedule one week prior to the new schedule going out.  For example Nov-Jan schedule will be emailed during the last week of October.


One month prior to the new quarterly scheduling period begins, TFH Production Staff will send out an email giving the team almost two weeks to respond with their availability.  Team members will communicate with the TFH Production staff directly with their availability.  No reply means a “free for all” on scheduling.  Dates these emails will be going out: Jan 1st, Apr 1st, July 1st, Oct 1st.  TFH Production members have until the 12th of each month to get reply with availability.  Once team members respond with their availability there will be no modifications to the schedule until the finalized schedule is released.

Planning Center Online (PCO)

PCO is an online schedule and communication tool that Production Staff uses to send out reminders and for Production team members to view the run sheets and service items as they are strictly a reminder from the quarterly schedule.  Please note that weekend and Encounter teams use Planning Center differently.  PLANNING CENTER REQUESTS FOR WEEKEND SERVICES SHOULD NOT BE DECLINED.

Serving Assignment Commitment

Once the schedule has been instituted, it is the team member’s responsibility to show up and fulfill the assignment.  If conflict should arise, team member must notify TFH Production Staff as promptly as possible and assist in finding a replacement for that assignment.


Should an event arise where a member is not able to fulfill their serving assignment, it is strongly suggested that the team member locates coverage from other team members.  If no coverage is able to be found, please upkeep the commitment to the schedule.

TFH Youth Scheduling

Scheduling for Encounter happens through Planning Center solely.  Encounter schedules will be released at least one month in advance.  Please note that weekend and Encounter teams use Planning Center differently.  

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Dress Code


Dress Code


TFH Production does not have a very strict guideline when it comes to dress code, but here are some hardlines.

We never want to be bound and restricted by extensive list of rules and regulations and it should be quite obvious that we are not trying to appeal to a “religious” crowd or the conservatives in the building, yet there remains a responsibility to represent the Lord in the way we look and present ourselves as we stand before the church to minister.

With that in mind there are three main Biblical principles that apply in this area:
1.  Modesty
2.  Moderation
3.  Not becoming a stumbling block.

Our goal is to tastefully contribute to a low-profile.  That means that people see us on stage but have no reason to “Double-take.”  We’re not wearing anything inappropriate or distracting that would take the congregation’s focus off the Lord.

The Do's

1) Look clean and put together.

2) Remember that production team members are very visible, so dress in an either trendy or professional manner, ie. don't stand out in a bad way.

3) Monitor engineer should wear all black attire to blend in with staging.

The Don'ts

1)  No strapless, tube-top, tank tops, or sleeveless clothing.

2)  Knee-length shorts are okay for women only

3)  No see-through clothing

4)  No tight or form-fitting clothing; both men and women  
(i.e. tight shirts, etc)

5)  No apparel that reveals mid-drift (check by raising hands in front
of the mirror)

6)  Jeans are fine, but no torn or “tired” jeans (jeans that look like
you’ve washed them 1,000 times, are faded, wrinkled, etc.)

7)  Nothing so bright or flashy that you become an obvious distraction

8)  No graphic T-Shirts

9)  No open-toed shoes/sandals for men.

10)  Generally, be mindful of anything that may be a stumbling block
or cause distraction

11) Yoga pants should not be worn as pants.








The Down Side

It is understandable that some may not be able to commit to the aforementioned standards and guidelines.  There are seasons of life in which jobs, families, finances, or whatever else may prevent certain individuals from serving in TFH Production.  Whether this is determined by the individual or by TFH Production, it would not be a personal decision to step back from this ministry for a time, but rather an honest estimation of time, commitment, and/or what the Lord has called you to do.   Also, failure to abide by these standards and guidelines may result in a decision (by the individual or TFH Production) to step down from service in TFH Production.

To wrap it all up, God is doing some amazing things in our church.  This is a time for us to “Consecrate ourselves, for tomorrow God will…” It’s the same call given to Joshua.  We are entering a season in our church and the Body of Christ where the glory of the Lord is going to be made evident in unprecedented ways – to those who have prepared for it.
As a church, we want to become massive “Targets” for the glory of the Lord.  What an invitation!  What a time to live in! 

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