Well, we've been in the new facility for about two months now and it is AWESOME.  It's not without it's growing pains.

While there were TONS of technical things learned with designing, engineering, and constructing a facility from the ground up,  the BIGGEST thing that we've learned as a production team is:


Spiritually, mentally, technically.  Spend your "now" in preparation for the next season that you are or want to walk into.

On a technical level.  We've spent the last year challenging ourselves to grow technically so the gear isn't capped by our skill level, but that our skill level is capped by the technical capabilities of the gear.  This has been huge for us as a team to walk into a new level of gear and "owning' our ministry with excellence.  The more we prep and grow as a team today, the better we're able to serve the local church tomorrow.