Thanks for your interest in TFH Production.  Two of the core values of our church is, and has always been, worship and the word.  Our success over the years in TFH Production has been precipitated by very intentional practices, standards, and guidelines.  As our church grows to reach new communities through new campuses and services, it is vitally important that everyone continues to operate within the same set of standards and guidelines.

There was a human behavior study done where children were allowed to play in a playground with no fence surrounding it.  In this scenario, the children stayed very close to the playground.  In a second scenario, a fence was put around the playground.  In this scenario, the children explored the far reaches of the area that was bordered by the fence.

This is a great picture of why we need standards and guidelines.  These are not in place to try to limit our “freedom,” but rather to enable us to not have to worry about things like, “Am I dressed appropriately” or stress out about when to arrive to service or the like.  These standards will be consistent throughout all services and campuses of The Father’s House and TFH Production.

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read through this doc and familiarizing yourself with the basic standards and guidelines of TFH Production.  Your time, talent, and service in TFH Production is greatly appreciated.  We couldn’t do it without you.


Rudy Gonzalez, Robert Sullivan
& the Production Staff