Control Room

Responsible for execution all cuts, dissolves, graphics and video playback (through the video switcher) as directed by the Producer.  Leader of Assistant Directors, Shaders, Camera Operator(s); directs all camera direction, switching of cameras.

Responsible for the presentation of lyrics, message notes, graphics, motion graphics and video playback during the weekend services.

Monitors and adjusts iris/white balance of cameras equipped with camera controlled units (CCU's); venues without CCU's must rely on the camera operator(s) for these adjustments.

Responsible for the planning, packaging, and overall presentation of the service (as designed by the creative/weekend team). 



Mobile Cam
Mobile camera (w/ operator) located either on-stage (handheld) or in front of the stage (handheld/tripod on dolly) typically getting close-up shots of band and instruments. AKA: Handheld/Roaming Camera

Stationary Cam
Stationary camera (w/ operator) located within the auditorium (on a tripod) typically in the house or in front of the stage.



Lighting Designer (LD)
A person whose primary job is to operate the lighting during the production.  Essential to the production by ensuring that every performance looks the same.  Also maintains the original concepts and adjust the lighting as needed when performance changes occur.

FOH Engineer
An audio engineer whose primary job is to ensure superior sound quality within the venue. To do that, the engineer must blend together instruments and vocals to achieve a perfectly balanced sound.

Monitor Engineer
An audio engineer whose primary job is to mix in ear monitors (IEM) for the band.