Small format events in the auditorium are classified by the following.

  • Events with less than 400 people in attendance
  • Riser seating is not utilized

Small format events will have access to the following production devices.

  • Use of FOH (Front of House) iMac to drive presentation on main screens only.  Will utilize ProPresenter only.
  • Use of PA

Small format events in the auditorium will no longer have use of confidence monitor or lobby TVs.

System Startup


Turn on FOH iMac.
Select "Events" login.  No password is needed, hit "enter" to login.

Power on Dell monitor by pushing he power button on the right side of the screen.
Push PGM box, it will highlight red.
Select FOH CG.


Turn on Lighting PC
Select correct show:  Small format
Chance view on screen to "playback buttons"
Play "Event Up" cue by touching (or clicking with mouse). A play (triangle) will be indicated on the button
On Architectual lighting panel highlight buttons 8 and 9 and slide down faders (Master, 1, 2)
Play "Relays" playback button by touching (or clicking).

House and key lighting on stage should now both be on.


File Structure:

Content for events should be stored in the following location, ~/TFH Media/Events/(event name)
Please do not store content in any other location.


Select an input that is displaying black from dell monitors.