+ Worship

+ Preaching

+ Baptisms

+ Kids Ministry

+ Families

+ Youth

+ Groups

+ Action (laughing, playing, jumping, dancing)

+ Genuine moments of joy & worship

+ Community

+ Our Pastors

+ Dream Team (serving, engaging guests)

Parking Lot, Greeters, Discover Class

+ Behind the Scenes

+ Product & event promotions

+ Communion

Weekly Process

+ Arrive at church for all team Rally (Sat 500p, Sun 800a)

+ Check in with Producer in the control room

+ Grab a Production Pass

+ Worship/Production team huddle in Green room (Sat 520, Sunday Morning 820)
Teams go over the details of the run sheet, would be beneficial for photography team members to know if there are special moments in the service that would need to be captured

+ Set Proper White Balance VV auditorium color temp is 5600k

+ Take Photos

+ Edit Photos in Lightroom or Photos app
Go through and make minor adjustments to ensure all photos look natural. Any stylized edits must also come with a “natural” edit also.

+ Apply lens profile correction

+ Upload ASAP after service