Run Sheet Read Through

In Vacaville FULL team run sheet read through happens at 330p and 800a (for PM and AM services respectively).  In Napa and East Bay run sheet read through should happen as early as possible at production lead's discretion.

Lobby Greet

Before each service, as a production team, we greet people in the lobby.  At 15 minutes before service, each production team member should make his/her way to the lobby to greet guests as they walk into service.

In Places

Each production team member should be in position three minutes prior to the first cue so that the start of service is not delayed.

Breakfast (AM SERVICES)

Breakfast is provided for the team on Sunday's

Vacaville:  Between the 9 and 11 in the Green Room.
Napa:  After first service in the Green Room
East Bay:  At 8am in the lobby

The ministry of the local church is a team ministry.  As TFH Production, we work to dispel any perception that stereotypical attributes of being self important.  We realize that the local church is the "hope of the world", and join with the church at large to usher our guests into "encountering the reality of God"