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LA1 Sermon Video Exports

LA1 Sermon Video Exports

The new process for sermon backup videos will be to export the files directly from the LA1 decoders at each campus.  Here is the process to export the video from LA1.  Every weekend, each campus will need to reformat the flash drive provided to make room for the next sermon video.  See below for instructions on reformatting.

Exporting from LA1 Decoder

Insert flash drive into USB slot on the front of the LA1 decoder.

Go to the events tab.  Highlight the event you would like to export, and press 'Select Event'

Don't clear the cache 

Select 'Export', this will open a window.  On export window, select start and end times.  In TFH's case it will be M&G and Campus Dismissal. 


Double click on the Samsung USB drive until you see (parent folder) then click 'export'.

A window will popup showing your export progress.

Once the video has been exported to the flash drive, insert the flash drive into the Mac, drop in this weekends folder (ie: ~TFH Media/Weekend Services/April/1-2)

From this weekends folder, drop into ProPresenter

Reformatting the flash drive

You'll use disk utility to reformat the flash before exporting every weekend.

Open disk utility, the easiest way to get to disk utility is using spotlight (command + space keyboard shortcut) or click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand of the screen. Type in 'disk utility, highlight the app, and hit enter.

In the disk utility window, select the 'Samsung USB' as highlighted in the picture.  Then click the erase button.  Keep 'Samsung USB' as the name.  Format as (EXFAT) and hit erase.

Once the reformatting is complete, you are able to insert into LA1 decoder.

Black Magic Audio Monitor

Black Magic Audio Monitor

With moving to streaming we have added a Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor at all campuses to preview audio before any source goes live.

Solo Left/Right: "Solo" left/right channel of audio.
CH Up/CH Down: Changes the "channels" of audio embedded.  
AES and SDI have more than two channels of audio embedded on the sources.  AES will take up to 8, SDI will take 16.  When TFH starts streaming worship leaders from site to site for special events, 16 channels of audio will be sent from Vacaville.
Mute Button: Mutes Audio
Volume Knob:  Increases/decreases volume.
Input: Changes sources of audio

Below is a list of sources for all  campuses.


SDI: Stream. (SDI source will also display video on thumbnail preview)
Hi-Fi: Preview Audio. (soon)
Analog: CG System (soon)
AES: Not currently being used.

East Bay

SDI: Stream. (SDI source will also display video on thumbnail preview)
Hi-Fi: Preview Audio. (soon)
Analog: CG System (soon)
AES: Not currently being used.


Hyperdeck 4
Hi-Fi: Producer Mac Mini
Analog: Stream Decoder (soon)
AES: Not currently being used.

SDI: Stream. (SDI source will also display video on thumbnail preview)

VV: New Hazer - MDG ATMe

VV: New Hazer - MDG ATMe

We just purchased and installed a new hazer at the VV Campus.  This hazer is very different from the DF-50s and requires a startup and shutdown procedure before and after use.

Things to note about the ATMe:
-CO2 based hazer, need to set PSI on an external tank.  This makes the hazer quiet.
-Variable output of haze, not just a "FULL ON' hazer.
-Multiple steps to get haze to output.


The startup and shutdown process must be followed to avoid DAMAGE to the unit.


1.  Open CO2 tank.
Open CO2 tank by turning the knob directly over the tank to full open.  The guage on the right will start to increase.

2. Set CO2 Regulator to 60 PSI
Set the PSI on the CO2 tank regulator to 60PSI.

3. Turn on main power on unit.

4. Turn on "ATMe Relay" cuelist playback on console.
On page 3 of the cuelist playback button there is a relay for the ATMe, this is located next the the "relay" for all of the lights.  This will turn on the heat exchanger for the hazer.  After about 8 minutes the hazer will be ready to produce haze.

5. Haze ON/OFF - The turn on "FOG" playback
The old "FOG" button toggles haze output "On/Off".  Once the heat exchanger has warmed up, haze output will start once enabled.  

6. Haze output
Haze output is located on fader "Bank 6".  Play the cue, and adjust output.  Use full output for 20-30m.  Then scale back to 2-3% on the fader to maintain level of haze.

Shutdown procedures.

1.  Turn Down Haze Fader

2. Turn OFF "FOG" cuelist - wait 1m before next step

3. Turn OFF ATMe relay - wait 5m

4. Close CO2 Tank Valve

5. Close CO2 Regulator valve

6. Turn ATMe main power off

Audio: Audio Hi-Jack

Audio: Audio Hi-Jack

We have simplified how to record sermons and people speaking. The record feeds have been directly routed into the interface going to the computer.

Now all you need to do is open Audio Hijack from the quick launch bar on the bottom of the screen.

Then select which ministry it is for (GenLife, Corporate Prayer, Women's Ministry, etc.).

Then just hit record and it will automatically start recording.