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Napa: NEW Overflow/POV Camera

Napa: NEW Overflow/POV Camera

Just installed was a better camera to display a video feed of the auditorium to the campus TVs during live elements of service.

When there emphasis of service is on stage (ie. worship, announcements, live preaching, transition) we'll want to take CAM on the "extron" output of the TV One so that overflow areas, cry rooms can see the actual serice

Below are the steps to setup the camera for services.:

1. Turn on camera

Locate the power button on the right side of the camera.  Slide the power switch to "on".

2. Turn on Blackmagic Video Asssist

Power on the Video Assist by holding the power button.  Video feed will not pass through to control room unless Video Assist is powered.

3. Check Camera Iris and Focus Controls

Set Focus to Automatic
SET Iris to Manual

Camera Iris level is indicated by the "F" Number on pop out screen.  To adjust iris, use the "iris" wheel on the Varizoom camera controller pictured below.

4. Center Camera Stage Wide

The position of the camera should be horizontally between the stage uprights....try not to cut off BGVs as this positioning will slightly change every service.  Zoom might need to be adjusted.  Use the Varizoom controller (pictured above) to adjust zoom

5. Set input on Blackmagic Hyperdeck Record: Set input to SDI/RCA

Live camera feed will not be passed THROUGH the Hyperdeck unless you set the input on the recording Hyperdeck.

Baptism Shots

Baptism Shots

Effective immediately, we are changing how we transition into baptisms

Camera 8

Positioning of Camera 8 position themselves 5-6 back from the baptism tank. The idea is that ops would not need to move and setup a shot when the baptism doors open, but ops would have the ability to have the shot immediately when doors open.  There is a seat that’s been removed from the front row for camera ops to stand and not block anyone’s view.  (see pic)

Ops should start wider and adjust zoom live.

For multiple baptisms, ops should zoom out to allow for room, and zoom back into MC



We will NO LONGER be using PTZ2 as a transitionary shot.  The ONLY camera to on screen during baptisms should be Cam8.  Rely and call out camera framing to your camera 8 ops.

TDs should go from MC on stage straight to camera 8.  Not juggling multiple cameras for baptisms should make it a bit easier to transition from camera to “i have decided” slides.

See video for example.

Napa: Baptism Settings

Napa: Baptism Settings

Napa will be running baptisms during service on the last weekend of the month.  To accomodate the needs we have re-aimed a "Baptism Light" and updated the Hog console and the Doug Fleenor Preset 10.


When running a service with baptisms.  There is one preset that adds a baptism light in.  Scene 3 (which was Worship Yellow) has the baptism light added.  Make sure NOT to use scene 3 for any other part of worship or any other weekend as that scene will have a spot over the crowd.


When running baptism services, there have been two 'scene' added that will turn the baptism light on and off.  The baptism light will not turn on and off with any other scene.

TD/CG: New Sources

TD/CG: New Sources

Starting this weekend we've changed up how we're running sources for weekend services, there is also the addition of a 2nd confidence monitor in our system.

PROD CG: For the most part, ALL content for services (apart from sermon slides) will be ran from Production CG system.  No more switching between clips and production CG for content.  EVERYTHING apart from the sermon will come from Production CG.  No more trying to discern when to take Production CG and when to take clips.

The only outlier will be videos during the message, any sermon video will still be from Production CG.  TDs will need to take "PROD CG" when displaying this content.

IMPORTANT IF KEY1 is ON, whatever displayed on PROD CG will OVERLAY OVER live output.

STAGE MAC:  The Stage Mac will run all slides for the sermon.  Having a machine strictly dedicated to run sermon slides will make it an easier transition for when we run lyrics at the end of a service, or

2CONF:  This is a second confidence monitor strictly displaying content from the STAGE MAC.  TDs/CG ops will not be able to change the source feeding 2 CONF.  There is a preview on the multiview of 2Conf in the upper left hand window.

The content on 2CONF will display up and next for sermon slides.

STG DISPLAY: The stage display now has the addition of "video countdown clock" color coded to cyan.  When a video is playing from ProdCG the clock will countdown to 0:00 on the video making for a better transition for all of our op.

Zoom/Focus/Iris Control for Mobile Cam Monopod

Zoom/Focus/Iris Control for Mobile Cam Monopod

We've recently purchased an outboard Zoom/Focus/Iris controller the mobile cameras while mounted the monopod.  This will help zooming and adjusting iris while maneuver the camera while attached to the monopod (especially during baptisms).  See the illustration below for an overview of controls.

A couple important things to note.

1.  Connect Cables:  Once the camera is mounted to the monopod, connect the cables into "remote camera" section on the camera (illustrated below).

2.  Adjust automatic switches:  This unit will override the automatic iris and focus settings on the camera itself.  Once the varizoom controller is plugged in set the automatic switches accordingly.

Wireless Clear-Com Headsets

Wireless Clear-Com Headsets

Mobile Camera Ops will use wireless Clear-Com pack as opposed to the wired com packs for ease of use.

Channel B:
Camera team communication

Channel A: (Channel D on normal coms)
Communication with stage hands and monitor engineer.

Clear-Com wireless packs and batteries are stored in the production closet on the shelf underneath the mobile cameras.

Batteries need to be installed at the beginning of the weekend and charged at the end of the weekend.  


Battery charge is 8+ hours so there is no need to charge in between Saturday and Sunday.  The indicator for the "time remaining" of charge is in the upper right hand corner.  

The power button is located on the rear of the pack

There are two separate "volume" knobs and "talk" buttons for both A and B.  Again,  Ch B: Camera team, Ch A; Stage hands/Monitor Engineer.

VV: Clear-Com Channel List

VV: Clear-Com Channel List

Clear com in Vacaville should be used in the following format

FOH Lighting/FOH CG channel  

TD/Producer/Cams communicating cues and cameras shots for service.
Wireless pack Channel B

FOH Engineer will be on channel C.  Flash if needed.

Monitor Engineer (Green Room/Speakers lounge when active)
Wireless pack Channel A will also be on this channel when stage hands are in use.