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Service Recap 01.16-17

Service Recap 01.16-17

Hey Team-

Just wanted to say well done to all of you.  We've had a lot of fantastic weekends.

Baptisms Weekly

If you were at church this weekends you'll notice that we started doing baptisms mid service.  

The why:
Being able to celebrate weekly with those who are coming to know Jesus is HUGE, not only for those who are experiencing life change, but also for those in the crowd who have yet to make that step.  There is the power in your testimony.

The how:
How we'll accomplish our camera work during this time is to have a wide shot ready.  

TD:  Cut between 2 and Mobile Op.  Mobile for almost everything, Cam 2 when the subject is getting out of the tank.

Cam 2 Op.  When the subject is walking out of the tank we'll cut to Cam 2 as a filler shot.  Cam 2 will need to be on a wide shot.  The point of the wide shot isn't to have good details of the subject, it's to avoid any of the weirdness associated with wet clothes sticking to people

Mobile Op.  Mobile cams will walk over to the tank and hug the left side of the opening.  When Pastors are on the mic grab a wide shot but when the person being baptized is reading their testimony card, Mobile (Cam 8) needs be tight on the subject sitting in the tub.  The first shot is too wide, what we want to avoid as any shot of legs in the frame  Shot 2 is better, however we'd like to get even closer, see the red box in shot 3 as an example.

Worship IMAG

In review of some recent footage, make sure that we are hard cutting shots for the fast songs of worship.

Tripod Ops;  When pushing and pulling, we should try and match tempo of the song.  On some of the shots during 'The Way" our shot composition didn't quite match the tempo.

Start Times and Countdown Clocks

These have been updated for every campus including our new format for Saturday's in Napa.

September 2015 Team Night Recap

September 2015 Team Night Recap


We've had one heck of a summer of events, A LOT of work, and A LOT of fun.  Thanks to all those who served for every event.  We don't have too many shots of EVERYTHING that happened, but here are some.


These business items are points that need to be addressed ASAP, please make sure you read the following and adopt into your life of serving.


It's hard to believe that the East Bay campus is 2 years old this November.  It's awesome to be a part of a church that's healthy, because healthy things grow.  Our EB campus is growing and starting the 20th we'll be at 2 services.  Props to all of our EB crew for making it happen.  (Dave Johnson, Josh Brooks, Wilbur Urrutia, Roland Engle, Kelly Beardall, David Mallory, Daniel DaSilva)

At every service block and every campus there is a rally before service.  These rally’s are intended to help us be in unity with one another as we do weekend services.  As production, the Saturday PM is the toughest to get to as soundcheck is still going on, but if soundcheck is finished then we will make sure to be at the rally's

VV: Sat PM 515, Sun AM 800, Sun PM 530
EB: 930 (until the 20th)
NA:  800

1.)  Please make sure to check all camera’s prior to service (including the marshall cams).  We want to make sure they are all functioning, white balance, and static cam angles are good.

2.)  Mobile Cams should focus on shots that no other shot can get.  With the install of the marshall cams se should not use MC as a low center shot on stage or a keys shot.  See the two shots below.  They are very similar and does not give the TD a variety of shots.

Make sure that at every service the audio and video is launched in unison.  Audio should not be faded in 5-10 seconds after the countdown has started.  I’ve noticed that the best practice seems to be those who already have the fader up at playback volume, and then fade walk-in music down instead of a cross fade.

From now on, haze should not be used at the 830 service.

We haven't pushed a dress code too hard.  But let's start tightening up our dress while we're serving.  Please remember that as long as we're serving, we are representatives of the church.  See the link below for our dress code.

Thank you for those of you who get your shifts covered in a timely manner.  Please remember that there are certain positions that SHOULD NOT have multiple volunteers in one Sunday morning without prior authorization from Production Managers.  These positions are the following:

Tech Director
Graphic Operator
Lyric Operator
Lighting Designer
Audio Engineer

New Building

The new building is just months away.  Hope you guys are excited.  We'll be doing a tour sometime in October, and start training in November.   Dates TBD on that.

Service and Call Times

Call Times:   Sat 330 | Sun 800
Service Times:  Sat 600 | Sun 900 | Sun 1100

How Services Will Work

Once in the new building, we'll be partnering with worship and organizing our services in such a way that the SAME set list, SAME arrangement of songs, SAME flow of service, and SAME teams run services.  Being in unity with worship teams will help take our production and weekend experience to a new level.

Full rehearsals will take place Saturday, call time being 330.  

800 Gear Check
815 Rally
830 Greet in lobby
852 At Positions
900 Service Begins

330 Soundcheck, rehearsal, and run through will occur.
500 Dinner break (green room)
515 Rally
530 Greet in lobby
552 At positions
600 Service Begins

New Positions

There will be 3 new positions launched that will be less technical but very much needed.

This position will monitor incoming communication from pastors via chat, manage planning center live during services, record on devices, etc.

Stage Hands
Will be used to move things on and off stage during the duration of the night.

The shader will check and match iris on all cams on the fly (except mobile cams).


Positions will not continue to exist in the same fashion.  The new building will only have 2 screens immediately.  With that in mind we will not be continuing to do CG motion graphics during worship services.  LO/GO positions will be combined into a new 'CG' position.  This position will utilize two Macs; 1) to throw text over video, 2) to playback announcement videos.

TD's will now be responsible to switch ALL content on screen, including CG, and not just camera shots.

New lighting console will be the Martin M6.  Napa and EB will still utilize Hog4PC

Audio will be broken up into 2 positions 1) FOH Engineer 2) monitor Engineer.

Locations of Positions
Once in the new building, locations of certain positions will change.

FOH (Front of House):  FOH Audio Engineer, Lighting Designer
Production Control: TD, Shader, CG, Communication
BOH (Back of House):  Monitor Engineer, Stage Hands

Production control illustrated below

Team Night is the MANDATORY monthly team meeting of The Father's House Production Crews.  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm


MAY Team Night Recap

MAY Team Night Recap

May Team Night was AWESOME.  Here are a couple takeaways from the night

Just wanted to encourage every member of TFH Production that we aren't just 'techs' on the weekend, but we are Curators..

Curator :: one who arranges elements in time & space in order to create an environment & tell a story.

We GET to tell the great story of our God's love for us through the different forms of media (Audio, Video, Lighting, Projection).  It's all so that people get to encounter Jesus.

FOH Breakouts

Weekly TFH Production (and the church at large) are always trying to push excellence to the next level.  There are three things we MUST work on for all of us to grow together.

Preparation // Execution // Cultivation



Preparation is KEY.  With any technical position, preparation sets the standard for our success.

  • Know the songs
    Listen through the songs on PCO BEFORE coming to church
    Check the current pages before serving
  • Know the content
  • Expect the worst
    plan your shows understanding that there is always a chance for error
  • Make a mental checklist for yourself
    if there are things you constantly space on, “i always forget to…” make a reminder, write it down.


  • Coordinate your visuals with your lighting designer or have him/her choose the slide looks for worship to set the lighting up for success. Lights and screen visuals should always match.
  • Does the color meaning match or support the meaning of the song?
  • Does the visual energy of this worship background match the tempo of the song?
  • Does this worship background fit contextually into this song, the service and the community?
  • Does this worship background make the lyrics difficult to read and if so, what needs to be changed to make them easy to read?
  • How does the background enhance the song?


  • Are all of our systems started up
  • Do i have signal going to every display (LOs: Conf, etc) (GOs: Lobby, Cry Rooms, etc)
  • Worship Lyrics…always check for funky formatting


Once we've prepared, executing well in the show is important.  Here are some ways we can execute well.

  • Lighting and CG changed at major song breaks (ON BEAT)
  • Lyrics stay 'on it', always switching to next slide 1-2 seconds BEFORE the next slide is sang.
  • Mix engineer ready for BGV's verse/guitar solo's etc


the process of trying to acquire or develop a quality or skill.

Cultivate your skill and passion by reading and exposing yourself to more than just what we have at TFH.

APRIL Team Night Recap

APRIL Team Night Recap

Another team night come and gone...thanks to our team for attending.  Team Nights are hugely important to unity and community for our team.  I would go as far to say that TN is our life blood.

Easter 2015

Easter was AWESOME this year...thanks to those who serve.  Here are a few stats:

  • 3 Campuses
  • 12 Services
  • 6 Rehearsals
  • 8500+ in attendace
  • 250+ salvations


Thanks for sharing in our interactive portion this week.  Here are the answers to "If i knew then what i know now, i would have....."

  • I would have joined the team earlier
  • Gotten involved sooner
  • When you mess up, just laugh it off and keep moving forward
  • Keep away from the "recall" button during service.
  • I would have checked the batteries in the wireless mic's
  • You have to learn not to laugh when Pastor made everyone else laugh, because you will be shaking the camera.
  • I would not drink coffee or Rockstar before service.
  •  That you can play the videos in slow motion on purpose..& even NOT on purpose!
  • Don't let your knee hit the power switches in the middle of service
  • EG 2013, if I knew that audio was connected to a video even though the video switched to transparent...I would not have hit F1...
  • Don't stress. You'll get the hang of GO and it'll become second nature. Plus it's fun and the people are... Alright I guess... =P


Currents page on site.
check the currents page before serving...all the latest updates you need to know will be in this section.