Just installed was a better camera to display a video feed of the auditorium to the campus TVs during live elements of service.

When there emphasis of service is on stage (ie. worship, announcements, live preaching, transition) we'll want to take CAM on the "extron" output of the TV One so that overflow areas, cry rooms can see the actual serice

Below are the steps to setup the camera for services.:

1. Turn on camera

Locate the power button on the right side of the camera.  Slide the power switch to "on".

2. Turn on Blackmagic Video Asssist

Power on the Video Assist by holding the power button.  Video feed will not pass through to control room unless Video Assist is powered.

3. Check Camera Iris and Focus Controls

Set Focus to Automatic
SET Iris to Manual

Camera Iris level is indicated by the "F" Number on pop out screen.  To adjust iris, use the "iris" wheel on the Varizoom camera controller pictured below.

4. Center Camera Stage Wide

The position of the camera should be horizontally between the stage uprights....try not to cut off BGVs as this positioning will slightly change every service.  Zoom might need to be adjusted.  Use the Varizoom controller (pictured above) to adjust zoom

5. Set input on Blackmagic Hyperdeck Record: Set input to SDI/RCA

Live camera feed will not be passed THROUGH the Hyperdeck unless you set the input on the recording Hyperdeck.