Effective immediately, we are changing how we transition into baptisms

Camera 8

Positioning of Camera 8 position themselves 5-6 back from the baptism tank. The idea is that ops would not need to move and setup a shot when the baptism doors open, but ops would have the ability to have the shot immediately when doors open.  There is a seat that’s been removed from the front row for camera ops to stand and not block anyone’s view.  (see pic)

Ops should start wider and adjust zoom live.

For multiple baptisms, ops should zoom out to allow for room, and zoom back into MC



We will NO LONGER be using PTZ2 as a transitionary shot.  The ONLY camera to on screen during baptisms should be Cam8.  Rely and call out camera framing to your camera 8 ops.

TDs should go from MC on stage straight to camera 8.  Not juggling multiple cameras for baptisms should make it a bit easier to transition from camera to “i have decided” slides.

See video for example.