Just a couple quick tidbits for the camera team.  We need to tighten up how we shoot baptisms during services.


1. Use the monopod for baptisms.

This is non negotiable.  Mobile ops need to use a monopod to avoid any “shakiness” during the baptisms.  It ALL rides on the mobiles ops ability to capture quality shots.


2. High Gain, Open Iris

Mobile ops need to make sure that they are on HIGH gain, and open iris for Baptism shoots.  They have been looking a little dark as of late.  


3. Take 8 Quicker

When moving from verbals to baptisms we need to find a shot ASAP.  The time between the wide of the baptismal and the close of 8 needs to decrease.

4.  Watch the "Infinite Loop"

If you're shooting one of the WL's from the front, or slightly angled.  Please make sure NOT to get the screens in the BG.  When TDs take 7 or 8 we'll get a loop instantaneous.  Move to the sides of the WLs or shoot them from straight on.

Let’s work on these in the coming weeks to smooth out any of our issues.

Feel free to comment to start a discussion regarding shots.