We just purchased and installed a new hazer at the VV Campus.  This hazer is very different from the DF-50s and requires a startup and shutdown procedure before and after use.

Things to note about the ATMe:
-CO2 based hazer, need to set PSI on an external tank.  This makes the hazer quiet.
-Variable output of haze, not just a "FULL ON' hazer.
-Multiple steps to get haze to output.


The startup and shutdown process must be followed to avoid DAMAGE to the unit.


1.  Open CO2 tank.
Open CO2 tank by turning the knob directly over the tank to full open.  The guage on the right will start to increase.

2. Set CO2 Regulator to 60 PSI
Set the PSI on the CO2 tank regulator to 60PSI.

3. Turn on main power on unit.

4. Turn on "ATMe Relay" cuelist playback on console.
On page 3 of the cuelist playback button there is a relay for the ATMe, this is located next the the "relay" for all of the lights.  This will turn on the heat exchanger for the hazer.  After about 8 minutes the hazer will be ready to produce haze.

5. Haze ON/OFF - The turn on "FOG" playback
The old "FOG" button toggles haze output "On/Off".  Once the heat exchanger has warmed up, haze output will start once enabled.  

6. Haze output
Haze output is located on fader "Bank 6".  Play the cue, and adjust output.  Use full output for 20-30m.  Then scale back to 2-3% on the fader to maintain level of haze.

Shutdown procedures.

1.  Turn Down Haze Fader

2. Turn OFF "FOG" cuelist - wait 1m before next step

3. Turn OFF ATMe relay - wait 5m

4. Close CO2 Tank Valve

5. Close CO2 Regulator valve

6. Turn ATMe main power off