Starting this weekend we've changed up how we're running sources for weekend services, there is also the addition of a 2nd confidence monitor in our system.

PROD CG: For the most part, ALL content for services (apart from sermon slides) will be ran from Production CG system.  No more switching between clips and production CG for content.  EVERYTHING apart from the sermon will come from Production CG.  No more trying to discern when to take Production CG and when to take clips.

The only outlier will be videos during the message, any sermon video will still be from Production CG.  TDs will need to take "PROD CG" when displaying this content.

IMPORTANT IF KEY1 is ON, whatever displayed on PROD CG will OVERLAY OVER live output.

STAGE MAC:  The Stage Mac will run all slides for the sermon.  Having a machine strictly dedicated to run sermon slides will make it an easier transition for when we run lyrics at the end of a service, or

2CONF:  This is a second confidence monitor strictly displaying content from the STAGE MAC.  TDs/CG ops will not be able to change the source feeding 2 CONF.  There is a preview on the multiview of 2Conf in the upper left hand window.

The content on 2CONF will display up and next for sermon slides.

STG DISPLAY: The stage display now has the addition of "video countdown clock" color coded to cyan.  When a video is playing from ProdCG the clock will countdown to 0:00 on the video making for a better transition for all of our op.