Hey Team-

Just wanted to say well done to all of you.  We've had a lot of fantastic weekends.

Baptisms Weekly

If you were at church this weekends you'll notice that we started doing baptisms mid service.  

The why:
Being able to celebrate weekly with those who are coming to know Jesus is HUGE, not only for those who are experiencing life change, but also for those in the crowd who have yet to make that step.  There is the power in your testimony.

The how:
How we'll accomplish our camera work during this time is to have a wide shot ready.  

TD:  Cut between 2 and Mobile Op.  Mobile for almost everything, Cam 2 when the subject is getting out of the tank.

Cam 2 Op.  When the subject is walking out of the tank we'll cut to Cam 2 as a filler shot.  Cam 2 will need to be on a wide shot.  The point of the wide shot isn't to have good details of the subject, it's to avoid any of the weirdness associated with wet clothes sticking to people

Mobile Op.  Mobile cams will walk over to the tank and hug the left side of the opening.  When Pastors are on the mic grab a wide shot but when the person being baptized is reading their testimony card, Mobile (Cam 8) needs be tight on the subject sitting in the tub.  The first shot is too wide, what we want to avoid as any shot of legs in the frame  Shot 2 is better, however we'd like to get even closer, see the red box in shot 3 as an example.

Worship IMAG

In review of some recent footage, make sure that we are hard cutting shots for the fast songs of worship.

Tripod Ops;  When pushing and pulling, we should try and match tempo of the song.  On some of the shots during 'The Way" our shot composition didn't quite match the tempo.

Start Times and Countdown Clocks

These have been updated for every campus including our new format for Saturday's in Napa.