May Team Night was AWESOME.  Here are a couple takeaways from the night

Just wanted to encourage every member of TFH Production that we aren't just 'techs' on the weekend, but we are Curators..

Curator :: one who arranges elements in time & space in order to create an environment & tell a story.

We GET to tell the great story of our God's love for us through the different forms of media (Audio, Video, Lighting, Projection).  It's all so that people get to encounter Jesus.

FOH Breakouts

Weekly TFH Production (and the church at large) are always trying to push excellence to the next level.  There are three things we MUST work on for all of us to grow together.

Preparation // Execution // Cultivation



Preparation is KEY.  With any technical position, preparation sets the standard for our success.

  • Know the songs
    Listen through the songs on PCO BEFORE coming to church
    Check the current pages before serving
  • Know the content
  • Expect the worst
    plan your shows understanding that there is always a chance for error
  • Make a mental checklist for yourself
    if there are things you constantly space on, “i always forget to…” make a reminder, write it down.


  • Coordinate your visuals with your lighting designer or have him/her choose the slide looks for worship to set the lighting up for success. Lights and screen visuals should always match.
  • Does the color meaning match or support the meaning of the song?
  • Does the visual energy of this worship background match the tempo of the song?
  • Does this worship background fit contextually into this song, the service and the community?
  • Does this worship background make the lyrics difficult to read and if so, what needs to be changed to make them easy to read?
  • How does the background enhance the song?


  • Are all of our systems started up
  • Do i have signal going to every display (LOs: Conf, etc) (GOs: Lobby, Cry Rooms, etc)
  • Worship Lyrics…always check for funky formatting


Once we've prepared, executing well in the show is important.  Here are some ways we can execute well.

  • Lighting and CG changed at major song breaks (ON BEAT)
  • Lyrics stay 'on it', always switching to next slide 1-2 seconds BEFORE the next slide is sang.
  • Mix engineer ready for BGV's verse/guitar solo's etc


the process of trying to acquire or develop a quality or skill.

Cultivate your skill and passion by reading and exposing yourself to more than just what we have at TFH.