Another team night come and gone...thanks to our team for attending.  Team Nights are hugely important to unity and community for our team.  I would go as far to say that TN is our life blood.

Easter 2015

Easter was AWESOME this year...thanks to those who serve.  Here are a few stats:

  • 3 Campuses
  • 12 Services
  • 6 Rehearsals
  • 8500+ in attendace
  • 250+ salvations


Thanks for sharing in our interactive portion this week.  Here are the answers to "If i knew then what i know now, i would have....."

  • I would have joined the team earlier
  • Gotten involved sooner
  • When you mess up, just laugh it off and keep moving forward
  • Keep away from the "recall" button during service.
  • I would have checked the batteries in the wireless mic's
  • You have to learn not to laugh when Pastor made everyone else laugh, because you will be shaking the camera.
  • I would not drink coffee or Rockstar before service.
  •  That you can play the videos in slow motion on purpose..& even NOT on purpose!
  • Don't let your knee hit the power switches in the middle of service
  • EG 2013, if I knew that audio was connected to a video even though the video switched to transparent...I would not have hit F1...
  • Don't stress. You'll get the hang of GO and it'll become second nature. Plus it's fun and the people are... Alright I guess... =P


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check the currents page before serving...all the latest updates you need to know will be in this section.