Turn on Crestron and power on equipment

  • FOH TVs turned on and set to CH3

  • Family Corners turned on, set to SDI volume 55.

  • Lobby / Cafe: Server

    • Lobby: 55

    • Restrooms: 45

    • Cafe: 45

  • Outside / Ground: Server

    • BLDG A: 55

    • BLDG B/C: -29.2

    • Ground: 65

Turn On Sound Console

  • Turn on Soundcraft Console
    (this must be on so that FOH gets Control Room Audio, and Control Room gets FOH Audio)

Engineering Mac Mini

  • Open iTunes, Use playlist "General Muzak Playlist"

Signage A Mac Mini (Adult) & Signage C Mac Mini (Kids)

  • Signage systems should be scrolling a slideshow inside of ProPresenter

  • Double check Signage Mac Mini’s slides, make sure there are no “old” or “past date” slides.

Camera 1 and 2

  • Power on cameras (CCU to power on these two cameras are in the production engineering rack room)

  • Take off lens caps

Camera 4

  • Power on camera 4 at the camera itself

  • Set wideshot without screens

Camera 3

  • Power on camera 3 at Power Supply on riser

  • Remove lens cap

  • Set wide shot of stage if no OP


  • Power On Robo 2 with CAM POWER button

  • White Balance

    • Push RM MENU

    • Arrow “OPERATION” select.

    • Arrow “WHITE” select


  • Gain

    • Turn OFF “AE” Button

    • Select GAIN, set to 18db

    • Select IRIS, set to 3.4

Lobby Walk through

  • Ensure Tv's, audio, and family rooms are working.

Ensure all graphics and videos are loaded in ProPresenter and play.

Check sermon notes

  • Look over sermon notes printout, double check everything on notes is located in ProPresenter.

Check scheduler times and timers.

  • Make sure slide cues are set on 3:00 countdown video.

    • Must be set to fire main countdown and sermon countdown

  • Set Worship Timer for 30:00 minutes

    • This will mean that worship will end at x:27 after the hour (6:27, 9:27, 11:27)

  • Reset timers after testing.

Check in with speaker to ensure accuracy of sermon notes / slides.

Check in with service hosts / transition people.

  • This should happen 30 minutes prior to service starting


White balance all cameras


10-15 seconds before videos fire, switch lobby tv's to SDI and

Lobby TVs: SDI (see below)
Lobby/Cafe Audio: Program
Outside Audio: Reduce bldg A by 50%



Turn Off Robo 1

  • Power Off Panasonic Remote Panel

Turn Off Robo 2

  • On the Sony Robo Controller, click Cam Power to turn off Robo2.

  • Turn Off Sony controller

Turn Off LA1 Streaming Decoder

  • Power off LA1 Streaming Decoder

  • Click the “Vacaville” Icon, then shutdown

Cam 1 and 2

  • Turn off Cam 1 and 2 at the power supplies.

Turn Off All Macs

  • Prod CG

  • STG Mac

  • Producer Mac Mini

Control Room and Confidence Monitors

  • Turn Off Confidence and Control room monitors.