With AUX sends, the broadcast switcher is able to quick route any input into the switcher to any of the 8 Aux sends.

The white row of buttons ABOVE program sends are the keys used for auxes.  So change an aux send, select which aux needing to change, then select a source.

Standard Auxiliary Sends Routing

Aux 1:  Confidence Monitor : STG DSP
The Confidence Monitor is the TV above the main exit in the auditorium.  Stage Display is routed to confidence to see lyrics and countdowns.

Aux 2:  LED Screen : ME2

Aux 3: Program Embed : ME1

Aux 4: BOH Embed : ME1 CLN
BOH Embed is what TVs in Green Room and Baptism Changing Rooms will see.  It's typically set to ME1

Aux 5:  Stage TV : STG MAC
Stage TV is the screen that speakers will use when reading scripture,

Aux 6: Clean Feed : ME1 CLN
Clean feed is for recording purposes so that our recording for other campuses do not have any keyed text.

Aux 7: MV 1

Aux 8:  MV 2