As Napa CG, check the following items prior to starting service.

Campus TV Check

  • Small TV One box

Press input on the small TV One box to change input for the side screen TVs

  • Side Screens

Check to make sure that side screen TVs are on.

  • Lobby TVs

Two of the lobby TVs should turn on automatically with the system power up.  One lobby TV will need to be turned on and set to play pics from the thumb drive.

Turn on the TV, hit 'media p', select 'photos', play the first slide.

Recording Devices

  • Remote Camera

Power on the remote camera system.  Set the shot so that the entire stage is covered.

  • Set Blackmagic Hyperdeck Record

Set the input on the Blackmagic Hyperdeck used for recording to 'SDI+RCA'.  Verify both Audio and Video are are playing through the thumbnail preview.

  • Verify SSD (Sandisk Extreme) is in place

Be sure to record worship from all 3 service.

Sermon Videos

  • Check playback Hyperdeck

Play video from Playback Hyperdeck to verify video play

  • Check Sermon Vid in Pro5

Make sure that both sermon videos in Playback Hyperdeck and Pro5 are of the same weekend.

Verify Pro Items

  • Check Pro5 and verify all the items on the Run Sheet are in Pro5

  • Verify Videos have 'Go to Next' Timers

All videos should have advance to the next video with a .5 'goto next' timer.

  • Play/Fire all Videos and slides

Verify all content works inside of Pro5 by firing every graphic and video