SDI is a cable that broad cast video runs.  It uses twisting BNC connectors to tie in.  SDI cable for cameras are located in Production Storage.

Mobile Cam Ops will use SDI Cables to tie into the floor boxes closest to the left and right of the stage.
Open Floor Box.
Connect to top V-Tie.
Close lid, SDI Cable should fit through opening.  MAKE SURE TO NOT PINCH CABLES WITH LID.

Clear-com is the wireless party line system used by the team to communicate.  Mobile cam ops use wireless packs for this communication.  These are battery powered and will need to install batteries from charger for use, and back to charger after use.

As seen on the pictures below, these are two channel packs.  

Channel B:  Camera team communication
Channel A: (Channel D on wired coms) Communication with stage hands and monitor engineer.


The mobile cams need "Image Stabilization" to combat the over shaky nature of being handheld.  Make sure that the "shaky hand" icon is displayed, see pics below.  To turn on and off use the OIS, also shown below.

There are three levels of gain.  Typical gain level will be set to MEDIUM for production.

Focus / Zoom / Iris Wheels

The Focus, Zoom, and Iris wheels are located here.

Typically a mobile op would use auto focus, but when manual focus is needed, pop the switch to manual focus.

White Balance on a camera will adjust colors to make skin tone look natural depending on the light subjects are lit with.  If subjects on stage look too 'cool' or 'blue' use White Balance B.  If they look to 'warm' or 'orange' use White Balance A.
White Bal A or PRST: STAGE
White Bal B: BAPTISM

Guitar Shots

See notice how the mobile operator on this next two shots start at the guitar, they zoom out slowly and tilt up to reveal the their face.

Just like above, see how the operator zooms out and tilts up

See in this shot, the OP zooms in on one guitar then pans over.

Keys Shot

In this shot the mobil operator is leaning left and right while keep the keys in the center of the shot.

Revealing Keys Shot

In this op, their subject starts off being the worship leader, then they slowly reveal the keys and bring them into focus.

Behind Drums

See this shot behind the drums, The mobile camera operator is shooting THROUGH the drum shield and pulling out to reveal the drums.

Behind Singers Shot

See in this shot as the mobile op leans left to right on his legs while revealing the room.

Side Shots

See this shot as the mobile camera starts in on Madison, then reveals the other singers

Baptism Framing

See below for baptism framing