The following list are REQUIREMENTS from every member of TFH Production.

Team Nights

All members of Production team must attend Team Nights.  Team Nights will happen on the second Tuesday of every month.  THESE ARE MANDATORY.  If a conflict should arise, please contact the office in advance to notify  Production Staff.

Committement to Serving

All team members must take an active role in balancing SERVING and LIFE in such a way that neither conflict negatively.  While there are times where serving is not possible, the requirement is that you upkeep your commitment to the schedule.

Weekend service attendence

All team members in TFH Production must attend at least one weekend service each week.  This should be a “no brainer.”  In order for us to be effective in the context of our local church, we must consistently attend the weekend services.  There are obvious exceptions to this one (vacation, family emergencies, etc.).  Please notify TFH Production staff in advance if you will not be attending one of the weekend services on a particular weekend.  Consistent non-participation in the weekend services of The Father’s House may result in loss of participation in TFH Production.


Attend all required rehearsals.  Rehearsal time is necessary to be adequately prepared for the weekend services.  Failure to attend a rehearsal night when required may result in a loss of participation in the subsequent weekend worship service.


The following are a list of “Expectations,” yet not requirements of being a part of TFH Production.  To really be a team player, that means we have the same heart, the same vision, the same “Cry,” and the same drive.  There are many ways that we go about doing that.  The following are some of these:

Corporate Prayer

Corporate Prayer. This truly is the most important meeting we have as a church.  Charles Spurgeon said, “The prayer meeting is the thermometer of the church.”  So, what’s our “Temperature?”  If TFH Production is largely uninvolved in the prayer meeting, then it could be inferred that it is also largely uninvolved in the main drive of the church.  Schedules can either prohibit or permit attendance here, so that’s obviously a “Grace” factor.

Conferences and Special Events

Attending Conferences/Special Events. The annual marriage, men’s, women’s, youth conference and other special worship events (nights of worship, guest speakers/leaders) are times for us as a team to go to the next level in what we do.  We have the wonderful privilege of hosting world-class ministries here at The Father’s House.  We, as TFH Production, need to be first in line to receive in these times.

Times of Fasting

Times of Fasting – Fasting is not a call to the spiritual elite.  It is an invitation to go to the next level in our personal walk as well as a church.  Focused times of fasting will be called as a church and as TFH Production in an effort to be as effective, anointed, and useful as can be.  Fasting is what prohibits us from getting caught in the rut of going through set lists, being un-anointed, and from burn-out.  These are not to be burdensome, but rather times of “Stepping up our game” as part of TFH Production.