Supported file types

Video:  The Father's House production system is able to play videos and pictures on production systems. Video files have to be in a Mac supported file type of .MOV file, must be in the following codecs: h.264 or PhotoJPEG @ 50% quality.  If video files are not able to be exported in the supported codec, a youtube link will suffice.

Pictures:  JPEG or PNG pictures in a 16x9 aspect ration will work best.

Powerpoint:  Power Point is not a supported program.  Powerpoint files sent to TFH will be exported as pictures and loaded into our presentation software, please be aware that all animations, audio, and transitions will be lost.

Aspect Resolution:  TFH uses a 1920x1080, 16x9, aspect ratio for screens at all locations


Live Musicians:  If live musicians are scheduled for an event, please contact Robert Sullivan ( to discuss instruments, microphones, monitoring, etc.

Audio files/Songs:  If songs are requested to be played at the event.  Please send links to audio files from either Spotify or Youtube to Robert Sullivan (


Deadline:  All audio, video, and pictures must be delivered to The Father's House 48 hours prior to event to ensure quality of playback.  TFH wants to ensure the successful execution of all events so early delivery is a must.

Delivery Method:

Flash Drive/Hard Drive: media content can be dropped to the TFH office on a flash drive or hard drive.
Cloud Service (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc):  media content can be dropped on a cloud service and sent to
Youtube:  If a video is uploaded to youtube for an event, please send link to