TFH Production does not have a very strict guideline when it comes to dress code, but here are some hardlines.

We never want to be bound and restricted by extensive list of rules and regulations and it should be quite obvious that we are not trying to appeal to a “religious” crowd or the conservatives in the building, yet there remains a responsibility to represent the Lord in the way we look and present ourselves as we stand before the church to minister.

With that in mind there are three main Biblical principles that apply in this area:
1.  Modesty
2.  Moderation
3.  Not becoming a stumbling block.

Our goal is to tastefully contribute to a low-profile.  That means that people see us on stage but have no reason to “Double-take.”  We’re not wearing anything inappropriate or distracting that would take the congregation’s focus off the Lord.

The Do's

1) Look clean and put together.

2) Remember that production team members are very visible, so dress in an either trendy or professional manner, ie. don't stand out in a bad way.

3) Monitor engineer should wear all black attire to blend in with staging.

The Don'ts

1)  No strapless, tube-top, tank tops, or sleeveless clothing.

2)  Knee-length shorts are okay for women only

3)  No see-through clothing

4)  No tight or form-fitting clothing; both men and women  
(i.e. tight shirts, etc)

5)  No apparel that reveals mid-drift (check by raising hands in front
of the mirror)

6)  Jeans are fine, but no torn or “tired” jeans (jeans that look like
you’ve washed them 1,000 times, are faded, wrinkled, etc.)

7)  Nothing so bright or flashy that you become an obvious distraction

8)  No graphic T-Shirts

9)  No open-toed shoes/sandals for men.

10)  Generally, be mindful of anything that may be a stumbling block
or cause distraction

11) Yoga pants should not be worn as pants.