Camera 3 is the tertiary tripod cam located on the side of the room.  The power supply for this is located beneath the camera itself.


Pan and tilt for the cameras can be locked via the knobs on the swivel head for the camera.

Use the pan resistance button button to make side to side motion easier to handle.  Increasing the resistance helps to smooth out "shaky" pans.

Zoom control for the camera is a pressure sensitive side-to-side rocker on the right pan-bar handle.  There is also a speed control knob to control the overall speed of the zoom.

Focus is controlled by the grip on the left pan-bar handle.

The LCD viewfinder has some built in tools.  One of which is 'focus peaking'  It will highlight the sharp edges red.  This is extremely helpful to find focus fast and efficiently.  To Enable push F3 and F3 again.

Coms Cam 3 is a belt pack, it may be easier to clip this to a pocket, or leave it on a leg.

pop out screen

The pop out screen is useful to tell the zoom level.


Camera 3's main job is to FIND shots, FRAME correctly, stay in FOCUS.

1.  Constantly SEARCH for shots
2.  Keep the camera in FOCUS
3.  Keep the camera MOVING
4.  Keep standard FRAMING (Preach)


Camera 3 ops during worship should be finding shots when not live.  Pushing, pulling, panning, etc

Full Stage Pan

Notice how this operator pans from left of stage all the way down 

Cam 3 Push

Here’s an example of Camera 3 pushing into the singers.

Pull from crowd

Grab some creative shots from a different perspective in the room.

Hands To Singers

See in this shots as the camera op focuses on hands in the crowd, then reveals the worship leader and racks focus.

CAM 3 BGV Cross stage pan

See in this shot as the cam op start in on the far left BGV, then zooms out and pans across the front line.

Cam3 BGV to reveal crowd

Now see this show, as the cam 3 starts on in the far left BGV and zooms out and pans revealing the crowd.


Just a reminder as a camera op to grab shots of the BGVs as well. Show the story of the whole stage and not just partial stafe.


During the sermon Cam 3 will push and pull from the speakers to revealing the crowd.

Transition Shot

Cam 3 is one of the best cameras in our tool kit to pickup MC, Hosts, and speakers as they walk up the stairs.

Be ready for shots like these as they walk up.

Cam 3 MC Transition Shot should start at about Z78.

Crowd Reveal

During transition times, when the crowd is cheering, start to pull and reveal the crowd.

Sermon PUSH/Pulls

See this example of how far in and out pushes and pulls during the sermon should be. Note that the pull is very slow.

The zoom ranges for sermon pushes and pulls should be Z51-Z10