We are so pumped this year to launch our 4th campus in Roseville, CA.  We acquired a permanent facility where we had to upgrade the entire AVL system and infrastructure.  As we approached this build, we wanted to make a template that all of our next builds will model in terms of gear.  We wanted to share our build with you all for ideas and inspiration if you're looking at upgrading or building a system in the future.

Live Worship/Campus Pastor:  Being a video campus for the preach portion of the service, we have live worship and live announcements.
Site-to-site stream: Satellite campuses receive streamed preaching from Vacaville campus.
No IMAG:  Our satellite campuses do not use IMAG as a part of their normal worship services.  There are cameras to record POV for reviewing services.

Switcher: Have a switcher where audio follows video (AFV) seamlessly.
SDI: Use SDI for video delivery across campus.
Flexibility:  Need the ability to route sources multiple places.
Embedded Audio on VIdeo:  All audio is embedded on SDI.  This makes it easy when sending feeds to campus TVs

Roseville Routing Diagram


Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub 20x20

The Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub is the core of our system.  Every video device, input and output is ran through the video hub to give us tons of flexibility with system routing.  At launch we have not installed every campus TV or camera input that we would have wanted to, but we have future proofed any addition to our system with the video hub.

Blackmagic design ATEM Television studio pro hd

Coming from having a Ross Carbonite 2 M/E switcher at the main campus, the new ATEM Television Studio is such a potent switcher for the money.  A couple drawbacks to this switcher is that there is only one AUX send, and the lack of ability to route inputs to specific buttons.  Meaning that input 1 is button 1 on the console.  it's easy to get past these limitation when thinking of how budget friendly this console is.  The lack of aux sends is easily overcome with the Smart Videohub.  \

All of our video inputs (ProPresenter, LA1 Streaming Decoder, and Camera) have embedded audio on SDI, the ATEM transitions embedded audio with the video when you have AFV (Audio Follow Video) enabled.

Program out is fed back into the Videohub and distributed to the projector and campus TV.  We're also using an SDI to audio converter to feed program audio to the audio console.

Decimator MD-HX

These scaler/scan converters are awesome, i can't say enough how much we love the decimator products.  When using a Mac/PC for CG (ProPresenter), you need to convert the video resolution outputted.  Computers typically output a 1080p @60fps and switchers want to see a video signal (1080p/1080i/720p @ 59.94/29.97), the Decimator MD-HX will convert your computer signal to a frame rate video switchers like to see

Decimator MD-LX

Don't mistake the MD-LX for the above product it as a signal converter ONLY.  It does not convert frame rate.  This will bi-directionally convert SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI.  In the past, with Blackmagic and AJA products there were single direction converters, meaning you had to purchase a specific SDI TO HDMI and a specific SDI to HDMI.  Not you can get these in the same product which simplifies the overall build.

AJA Helo

We use the AJA Helo to record an h.264 copy or our video for reviewing services during the week.  At our main campus we use the AJA Helo to stream our service via the RTMP protocol supported by most major streaming services.

This is not the BEST system out there, but all in all, this is a pretty simple but robust system for our satellite campuses.  Feel free to use any of the above for suggestions on any of your system builds.